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A residential plumbing system is a complex network which is made up of hot & cold water supply pipes, fixtures and appliances, drain pipes, taps, vents, storage tanks and more. It is usually unseen, hidden inside the walls or on the walls. The purpose of any residential plumbing system is to supply safe drinking water in adequate quantities at the right pressure, temperature and quantity.

Residential Plumber in Johannesburg

Generally, the plumbing system found inside most homes is made up of two separate subsystems. One subsystem brings freshwater in, and the other takes wastewater out. The first system allowing water into your home is usually under heavy pressure which allows the water to travel upstairs, around corners, and all other places you might need it. The water flowing into your home passes through a meter that registers the amount of water you use. This water meter is located near your main water supply shutoff valve. It’s important to know where the shutoff valve is in a plumbing emergency. Usually the first step you should take in any emergency is to quickly close the main shutoff valve. If you don’t do this and a pipe bursts, it could flood your house in minutes. If the emergency is confined to a smaller area like a sink, tub, or toilet, you may not want to turn off your water supply. This means that most fixtures should have individual stop valves which should be turned off while conducting any bathroom repair or renovation.

Objectives of Residential Plumbing Systems In Johannesburg

  • Supply safe drinking water at the right temperature and quantity at the right pressure.
  • Minimize leakages to wastage of water or zero leakage.
  • Prevent drinking water and waste water from mixing
  • Collecting and disposing of household wastage efficiently.
  • Prevention of gas entry into the home and allowing it to escape easily.
  • Drain pipes should have access towards sewer lines or septic tank with a downward slope that meet specific criteria.
  • Allowing for the provision of manholes so that drain pipes can easily be cleaned.
  • All plumbing appliances and the materials used in workmanship should meet strict quality standards.

Residential Plumbing Services In JHB

  • 1. Replacement of Old Plumbing Systems

Inevitably, at some point you will need to replace your taps, pipes, and parts of the toilet, not to mention your geyser and other fittings. The replacement of older outdated and worn out parts will prevent major emergency plumbing repairs, but replacing them can save you money and prevent structural damage to your home. Leaks that go without detection can eventually destroy your walls, floors, and ceiling of your home, an incident that could have been prevented by calling for the best plumbing services company in Johannesburg.

You may not think about it but drains need to be cleaned regularly. This goes even if you take care not to pour liquids like oil or debris and dirt down the bathroom and kitchen drains. Your drains will often accumulate the debris which could give off a foul odor and even create leaks and cracks in your plumbing system if they are not fixed and cleaned.

  • 3. Rerouting Plumbing Pipes

For families who are thinking of moving into a new house in Johannesburg, it’s important to do a thorough inspection of the plumbing to look for leaks, especially if the apartment is in an old building. If the pipes are in a really bad state you may need to request a bathroom renovation or kitchen renovation of the unit.

A common issue with pipes that are hidden in the walls or under the floor is that it can be difficult to detect leaks and rusting stains and significant damage to the structure occur. If you see these signs in your home in Johannesburg, give us a call to assess the situation. We offer 24 hours plumber services which can handle any of your piping concerns, including unblocking water ways from food, debris, oil, hair and dirt.

Often overlooked, but toilets need regular servicing from a reliable plumber in Johannesburg. Old homes might need to replace some parts of the plumbing works which could include the installation of a new toilet to prevent leaks. If it’s an emergency toilet repair, contact us as your trusted 24 hours emergency plumber.

  • 6. Fixture Repair, Replacement, and Installation

Do not try to fix, repair, or install your own plumbing if you  lack the right experience as you might end up spending more money than you initially planned to. We are expert residential plumbers that you can rely on when you call the best plumbing services company in Johannesburg

Plumbers are experts when it comes to the water heater system, also known as your geyser. This is because the installation of a dual supply system will require expertise in the planning, layout, and installation of the pipes. For those that live in a multi-story residential complex, it is very important that you hire an expert plumbing contractor in Johannesburg to install the system because water heaters are known to produce to a lot of problems. It will also need regular servicing from a licensed plumber in JHB.

  • 8. Sewer Line Blockage & Cleaning

Typically a home sewer line is located underground, this will need regular servicing from a reliable plumber in Johannesburg because blockages and breaks in the system can cost you a lot of money for repairs and new installations. How expensive is it? Well, you will need contractors to dig up the area and to cover it up when the sewer line is free from blockages. However, a plumber can offer you cheaper options to repair and clean your sewer.

You should contact a 24 hour emergency plumber if you have leaking water pipes, your toilet is blocked, the drains are clogged, the hot water geyser has leaks, or if the sewer line is blocked. These are all considered as emergency plumbing problems that could potentially damage your home, cause flooding, and lead to large and expensive renovations down the line. Most of these issues can be prevented with frequent plumbing servicing from a realiable and affordable plumber in Johannesburg.

  • 10. Plumbing Maintenance and Inspection

The plumbers in Johannesburg are one of the best plumbing services company in JHB for your regular plumbing servicing. If you want to know what the plumber will do during a routine inspection, you can ask for a checklist that that will provide peace of mind that home is function the way it should.

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