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A Pressure Reduction Valve is a device which can assist you with reducing the water pressure in your home. These valves work by limiting the amount of water passing through a pipe. Water which is being forced through the pipes at high pressure before the valve will be reduced down after the valve. These components can experience wear and tear over time leading to symptoms of Damages, Incorrect pressure settings and Damaged Internal Components. All of which we are more than capable of fixing.


When considering water pressure. Anything above 80 psi can be considered excessive water pressure. This can cause serious problems for a residential plumbing system. Such high pressure can damage water-using appliances and could result in leaks and the problem known as water hammer. To avoid all of these issues you may consider installing a pressure regulating valve to your main water line.

Basically a pressure regulating valve behaves as its name implies. A pressure regulator valve places a cap on the water pressure at a safe limit which is typically set by your plumber. While the valve is effective, it can develop problems over time. Below we highlight some common issues that you might face if you have a pressure regulating valve installed in Johannesburg.

Common Signs Of A Damaged Pressure Regulating Valve

  • 1. Diminishing water pressure.

The efficiency of the valve can reduce over time. With this reduced efficiency you are likely to experience lower water pressure. So if your water pressure is not quite as great as it once was, or if you have noticed a sharp loss of pressure while using more than one tap at the same time, there is a good chance your pressure reducing valve (PRV) may be in need of repairs.

  • 2. No water pressure.

Your pressure reduction valve could be at fault if you have no water pressure throughout your house. Test if this is the case on both the hot and cold water supplies. If there is no pressure for both, your Johannesburg water pressure reduction valve may need repairs.

Pro tip: If there is low or no pressure from your hot water suppply while the pressure of cold water is still god, there could be an issue with your hot water geyser.

  • 3. Hammering or vibrating noises in your walls.

Don’t be too quick to attributing noises coming from your walls to a faulty pressure reduction valve. These noises could be caused from multiple issues such as a PRV, expansion tank, quick closing solenoid valves on new appliances, faulty valves with loose washers, toilets fill valves, improperly strapped pipes, etc.

Often these noises are created by some combination of these multiple issues. To identify whether the pressure reduction valve is the faulty unit, check if the noises are loudest from your PRV. Also be sure to check whether the noises occur when using the different fixtures throughout the house and that the noise is not originating from a single fixture.

  • 4. A leak in your flower bed or near the house.

Generally your pressure reduction valve will be located near your main water supply, underground in your garden or near your property boundaries and the water supply. It is not uncommon for plumbers to install them in different areas like in your garage, pantry, laundry rooms or even underneath your stair well. If you’re experiencing some water leakages on your property this could be the result of a leaking PRV

  • 5. High water pressure.

Another obvious sign that you have a faulty pressure reduction valve is if your taps, toilets, or appliances often need frequent repair. A likely cause of this could be high water pressure causing damage to your appliances. The majority of taps and other fixtures are rated for a maximum working pressure of eighty pounds. This can often be a quick fix with a simple adjust to your valve or at the worst case a replacement replacement of the PRV depending on the age and condition of the valve that was installed in your house in Johannesburg.

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