Kitchen Repair and Renovation in JHB

We specialize in installing all brands and all kitchen appliances.  Getting professional and trustworthy help in the key to starting your kitchen renovations on the right foot.   Our team of specialized plumbers is at your disposal.  We always provide high-quality plumbing services to get everything, including the kitchen sink, installed properly the first time.

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Kitchen Renovation in Johannesburg

Let’s face it, we’re not all Jamie Olivers and Gordon Ramsays and, if it weren’t a requirement for people to eat healthy home-cooked food, some of us would never bother spending any time in the kitchen.  Couple these emotions with a kitchen in severe need of some TLC and you will likely spend most of your cooking hours frustrated.  Even those who love spending time in the kitchen and creating culinary masterpieces will cut their time short if the kitchen itself is difficult to negotiate.

According to the Daily Mail UK, British people spend around 3 years of their lives in the kitchen, whereas Americans average around 37 minutes a day.  The amount of time people spend in the kitchen will vary depending on the number of times each person eats out in a week, but everyone will agree that they want their precious time spent prepping, cooking, and cleaning to be painless.  In some cases, a well-functioning kitchen will persuade people to spend more time in the kitchen.

Don’t settle for a second-grade kitchen that leaves you wanting more. Contact the best plumber in Johannesburg to install new systems into your kitchen or renovate existing systems to create a space that you want to come home to and that will inspire you to cook more often, resulting in a healthier and happier family.

If cooking more often doesn’t appeal to you and you’re quite satisfied with your take-out lifestyle, kitchen renovations can still benefit you.  Did you know that kitchens sell houses?  Not only will a ramped up and renovated kitchen add substantial value to your house, but it will also attract people to spend the extra money on your home when it comes time to sell.

Reasons to renovate your kitchen include:

  • More family time:

A functional kitchen will draw the family in and have everyone chatting, laughing, and helping in the kitchen.  You can improve your family quality time by improving your kitchen.  A kitchen is the heart of the home and nothing brings people together like wholesome home-cooked food;

  • Host more parties:

Once your kitchen is renovated, you will be more inclined to invite people over for a dinner party.  Many people want to host parties, however, the thought of facing the kitchen and having people over to see it can be very off-putting.  A freshly renovated kitchen will change your home life and your social life

  • Improve your health:

A renovated kitchen will encourage you to cook at home which will result in fewer unhealthy take-out meals; 

  • Make your house feel brand new:

A change is as good as a holiday.  Indulge in renovation to give your house the facelift it deserves and you will feel as refreshed as you would if you had taken a short trip to your favorite location.

Renovating your kitchen can be costly. Here are a few tips to save up for your new kitchen:

  • Spend on quality:

Spend most of your money on kitchen appliances and cabinets that you do not want to replace often – this will save you money in the long run because you won’t need to break the bank over and over again to replace low-quality products;

  • Know where to spend:

Ensure that you do not overspend on unnecessary renovations that will have very little impact on the functionality of your kitchen and won’t raise the overall value of your kitchen and your home.  Talk to a Real Estate agent to find out what is popular in your area and renovate according to the style that will increase the value of your home once you decide to sell;

  • Over-budget:

Inflate your budget to accommodate for any unforeseen expenses that are guaranteed to drain your money.  Renovations will usually cost more than you initially expect, so inflating your budget by around 10 – 15% will help to soften the blow once you get to work.


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Once you have decided on the changes and upgrades you are looking to make in your kitchen, you will need a team of experts who will get the installation right the first time.  Get the job done right by contacting professional plumbers in Johannesburg and you can rest easy knowing that the professionals have taken control of your project.