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We are The Plumbers in Johannesburg and we are experts when  it comes to burst geysers and geyser repairs or installations – we cover all areas of Johannesburg and it’s immediate surroundings 24/7. As the most reliable plumbing team in Johannesburg we would be happy to assist with fixing your old geyser or replacing it with a new one. A burst geyser is an emergency so please don’t hesitate to request a callback or give us a call at any time.

What To Do When Your Geyser Bursts

When your geyser or water heater, the cause is not always so obvious. A malfunctioning thermostat could result in the water overheating, expanding the volume of the tank beyond maximum capacity causing the seems to leak, or corrosion may have caused a leak in the fittings. However these are only two of many possible reasons. What is important is that you remain calm and act quickly and effectively preventing any additional damage to your home.

1. Turn Off The Cold Water Supply

The first thing you want to do if your geyser or water heater has burst is turn off the supply of cold water to the geyser. You need to locate the cold water supply pipe which runs from the main water line into the top of your geyser/water-heater. When your geyser is working fine, the water being pumped into it automatically shuts off when the tank is full, but now that your geyser is burst, the water gets pushed out the geyser into your room as it comes from the main pipe. Once you’ve found the main supply line to your geyser, twist the valve closed in a clockwise direction until it is shut firm and cannot twist any further. This will shut off the flow of water into the geyser stopping the overflow. If your geyser does not have a cold water supply valve, you need to turn off the main water supply to your house which is usually located near your water meter.

2. Turn Off The Power

You’re not in the clear just yet. There is another risk associated with a burst geyser. The electric or gas heating element of your geyser is still on and heating your water. In the worst case scenario this could start a fire through an electrical short with the overflowing water. While you won’t be using your geyser until it’s repaired, you don’t want to be wasting electricity and money heating your water which is why you need to turn off the power supply to your geyser.

Electrically Heated Geyser

Normally the heating element would turn itself off once the water reaches a certain temperature. however, if a faulty thermostat is the reason your geyser has burst, it means that the water heating element has not turned itself off and needs manual action to turn off. You want to head to your main power board and locate the breaker for your damaged geyser. Flip the breaker, turning off the power supply to your damaged geyser.

Gas Heated Geyser

If you’re using gas power to heat up your water you need to find the gas line leading into your geyser and turn it off completely. It’s possible that you have a gas leak which could be another potential risk. Open any windows in the area and leave the room allowing for the gas to escape

3. Minimize the Damage

Now that you’ve stopped any further damage from happening, you should start salvaging any items that may have been affected. You’ll want to remove any furniture, boxes or any other items from are that’s been affected by your burst geyser. Take photos of the crime scene. Your photos should include any of your belongings that were damaged, the walls, ceiling, floors and any other fixtures. These photos might be able to be of benefit with your insurance company. Once you have all the evidence, starting cleaning up the water with your mops, brooms and towels. If you have a humidifier it wouldn’t be a bad idea to let it run which would help prevent any mold from growing.

4. Find and Repair The Geyser Leak

Now that any additional damage has been prevented, we can start fixing the Geyser. If you’re not really the hands on type person, stop right here and fill out our contact form so we can call you or give us a call directly. We have a rapid response rate in the Johannesburg areas and we are considered as the Geyser specialists in Johannesburg. Our team are professionals at geyser repairs and geyser replacement in Johannesburg.

If you do want to give it a shot yourself, here’s what to do;

Determine where the leak is coming from. It’s usually from locations like the drain valve, T&P valve or from one of the pipes that are connected to the top of the geyser tank. Look for signs of old metal being corroded or gather rust on the tank or the pipes.

If you’re able to identify the source of the geyser damage and where the water is leaking from, you will get a better idea of what the next steps to take are. It could be a quick fix like tightening the valves and fittings. If that’s not the case it could be a more complicated geyser repair like draining the tank, removing the water heater or a new geyser replacement.

Remember that burst geysers are considered an emergency plumbing service. As the plumbing specialists in Johannesburg we cater to emergency plumbing situations 24/7 so please give us a call and let us help you.

Burst Geyser Johannesburg

At this point, most people would have already called us, or are about to call us to make sure that a plumbing specialist in Johannesburg can take a look at the geyser repair job and make sure everything is in order, avoiding any common plumbing mistakes that may cause further damage. If your geyser has exploded and is completely destroyed it’s like that your geyser will not be repairable and instead we will suggest a new geyser replacement and installation.

What Can Cause A Geyser To Burst

If you have the following problems, your water heater could be at risk of exploding.

Burst Geyser

Sediment Build Up

The problem: Due to all the minerals in the water being fed into the geyser, over time these settle and create an insulation layer at the bottom of the tank. This layer causes the heating element in the geyser to run for extended periods, eventually overheating the water and damaging the tank.
The Tell: Y If your geyser makes a “popping” noise you likely have a build up of sediment. The noise is coming from water bubbling underneath the layer of sediment.
The Solution: You Keep your geyser free of sediment, flushing and draining it once a year.

Geyser Maintenance

Rust Corroding the geyser tank

The problem: The geyser in your home is made of heavy metals including steel and iron. Which means that over time, your tank will naturally begin to rust. However, your geyser has a built in rust protection element which is referred to as the sacrificial rod as it’s job is to rust in place of the tank. If this rod has completely rusted through, your tank would have began to rust instead.
The Tell: The water coming from your hot water tap is a brownish rusted color
The Solution: The sacrificial rod (anode) needs to be replaced every 4-5 years which means you should probably check on it every 2 years to make sure it’s still doing it’s job.

Geyser Repair

To much pressure in the geyser tank

The problem: Let’s make this one simple. What happens if you blow to much air into a balloon? Exactly! If too much pressure builds up in your geyser the tank will either start leaking and eventually burst. If the pressure is immense, you don’t want to be nearby when it explodes. Usually, your geyser will do a good job at preventing this through the use of its temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve. However, over the years the efficiency of this mechanism may become a little questionable.
The Tell: If your geyser R&P valve continuously opens to release water you like have this problem. Once your T&P valve starts going bad (which it eventually will) the pressure in your tank will keep building, eventually leading to a burst geyser.
The Solution: To prevent the high pressure, don’t set your water heating temperature too high. keep it been 120-125 degrees. Test your T&P valve atleast once or twice a year to ensure its still able to relieve your tank of built up water pressure. TIP: You can find this valve near the top or side of your geyser, if you turn it up for a few seconds water should begin to pour out – be careful as this water will be very hot.