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If you suspect or know that you have a blocked drain, give us a call – We are The Plumbers in Johannesburg and we are experts when  it comes to blocked drains – we cover all areas of Johannesburg and it’s immediate surroundings 24/7. As the most reliable plumbing team in Johannesburg we would be happy to assist with your blocked drain clearing and pipe repair or replacement requirements. A blocked drain is an emergency so please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Most of the time we can easily avoid create the problem of a blocked drain by being mindful of what we’re flushing down our toilets or throwing down the sink. However, there are many instances where a blocked drain can occur that is out of our control. More often than you might think, the drain blockage will actually build up over time, if left untreated this will keep getting worse and worse. Realizing the early warning signs of a drain blockage can save you and your home a lot of time and money in the long run.

Common Signs Of A Blocked Drain

  • Bad smells coming from your drains
  • Gurgling noises from your pipes
  • Water backs up when you flush the toilet or use the washing machine
  • Toilet water level is sitting too high or too low
  • Slow drainage from your sinks or tubs
  • A reduction in water pressure
  • Pooling water on the outside of your property

Blocked Drains

It’s possible that blockage may not be detected until it’s too late. This is usually the case with blocked drains on the outside of your house which usually only expose themselves after heavy rains or storms which can come and go in Johannesburg. We generally recommend that you keep your gutters clean and install a gutter-guard which can help with outside blockages.

Blocked Drain Sandton

What Could Cause A Blocked Drain

There are many reasons we get called for blocked drains around Johannesburg, a few of the most common reasons are; 

High Pressure Drain Johannesburg

  • Tree roots causing pipe damage
  • Food scraps stuck in kitchen pipes
  • Grease and cooking fat clogged the kitchen sink
  • Hair and sediment build up clogged the bathroom drains
  • Drain corrosion caused from paint or chemicals
  • Foreign objects or sanitary items
  • A build-up of leaves, dirt and debris in your gutters, downpipes or storm water drains
  • Ground movements
  • Incorrect pipe installations or misaligned or cracked pipes
  • Rodent infestations
  • Generally old/ageing pipes

Drain Cleaning Johannesburg

Of all the possible explanations for the blocked drains in Johannesburg, tree roots are the main culprit. The gentle giants usually extend their grips deep underground where slowly, overtime, the powerful roots enter the drainage system through cracked joints, slowing and restricting flow of water through the pipes which usually gets worse as the roots grow. Sometimes the roots can damage or destroy sewer or storm-water drains, wrapping themselves around the these drains and tightening until the drains eventually block.

Drain Cleaning Johannesburg South

If you are experience on-going tree root infestation on your property, give us a call and let’s see what we can do to help. Feel free to use our contact form or call us directly at 

Pipe Relining In Johannesburg

In some of the older area’s in Johannesburg, the more common reason for drain blockage is due to the older sewerage pipes collapsing. As a professional team of plumbers, we are able to get to the bottom (dig up) the old main drains or reline over any potential problem areas with high quality parts which prevents any damage to the surroundings. Relining is a very good option when it is not possible to access the problem drains

Drain Clearing Technology Johannesburg

Depending on the type and location of blocked drain, We are able to utilise a few different strategies to reach the desired result:

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning in Johannesburg

In some cases, usually the tough ones we resort to high pressure hydro jet cleaning. This is usually used when there is a lot of grease and grime built up on the inside of your drains. This method is highly effective at clearing blocked drains and storm water drains. The strategy is to use a very high pressure water spray which slices through any tough build up – even tree roots.

Drain Camera Inspection in Johannesburg

If the hydro jet was not successful at removing the blockage we will send out our spy cam to further investigate what the problem could be. if your drain continuously gets blocked even after attempting to fix it multiple times, we would first use the spy cam to locate and determine exactly what the issue might be. Once we have a good idea of what is causing the blocked drain, we can make an informed decision about the most optimal strategy to improve your situation.

Drain Excavation and Replacement in Johannesburg

If we are not able to unblock your drain, it means there is a serious problem. This could be because the drain may be damaged beyond repair and needs to be replaced. If this is the case, we are able to excavate and replace your drain. We will provide a quote before any work is started. These are often more complex blockage tasks but our team of experts is well equipped to handle the situation.