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Firstly, Yes. We offer all our services throughout the entire area of Randburg and others! This Includes 24 7 Emergency Plumbing in Randburg

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We are your trusted experts in general and specialist plumbing services in Randburg. We use genuine products, and provide permanent solutions for your home. Our team proudly serves homeowners and businesses all throughout Randburg and other areas in Johannesburg.

As The Plumbers in Johannesburg, we offer the full range of services in Randburg. From blocked drains to pipe dreams.

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Treat your Home Like Our Own

Best Quality Plumbing Service 

Backed with Years of Experience

Reliable and Affordable Plumbing

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


About Randburg

Randburg is well known to be one of the larger cities in Johannesburg, Gauteng. It was formerly a separate municipality but has now become a part of the municipal government of this city of Johannesburg, together with Sandton and Roodepoort. Randburg is made up of over 32 different suburbs. The majority of these suburbs are residential although there are some business suburbs as well. Typically known as an upmarket area with many interesting entertainment areas for both families and social events.

One would find that the homeowners and residents of Randburg are a tad more affluent than many Johannesburg residents from other areas. The Randburg area is home to many lavish homes and a large supply of boutiques. Randburg is also home to many large shopping centres like Brightwater CommonsCresta Shopping Mall and various others. Another Attraction in the Randburg area is the fantastic lion park. The park has over 4 different prides of lions that have different ages and also gives home to a number of Rhino and other large herbivores. Visitors are welcome to witness the lions having lunch and also to feed the baby lion cubs which is definitely a tourist attraction that should be on your list.

What was previously know as the Randburg Waterfront, now known as Brightwater Commons is a very well known entertainment hub in the city. It features a plethora of different shops and restaurants and is design around the concept of an urban shopping space. The renovation of the urban space transformed an old water park / harbor into a urban streetscape design with many different activities from mini-golf, cinemas and a laser tag arena.

The origin of Randburg goes back to 1959 when it was first found as a little town comprising 32 suburbs of the North West region of Johannesburg. While Randburg was linked to Johannesburg, the local residents decided to form their own town council. Interestingly, the name Randburg was chosen in a competition and actually stems from the currency – The South African Rand.

Later on in 1968, the idea to incorporate Randburg into the municipal boundaries of Johannesburg was proposed, however, Randburg maintained it’s independence and now it’s jurisdiction covers close to 100 square kilometers. Four years later in 1972 the town council initiated the guidelines to develop local townships, residential areas, the city center and the industrial areas. This plan has seen the successful development of Randburg into a booming town with grand potential.

Many large local businesses have their head offices located in Randburg. To name a few, MultichoiceDSTV and Supersport are located in the heart of Randburg. Starting in the 1990’s, the Randburg business district began to decay and so plans were put into place to develop the CBD. A well developed business district, Strijdom Park is a combination of commercial and industrial headquarters for many businesses like Volkswagen. Strijdom park is wedged between the N1 Highway and Malibongwe drive, the area is very wall known for its auto sales and repair industries. Plans have been put into place to connect Randburg to the Gautrain routes.

Plumber In Randburg

As The Plumbers In Johannesburg, Randburg is one of our most common plumbing areas. We offer emergency plumbing in Randburg and are frequently called out when home owners and businesses are looking for a 24-7 plumber in Randburg. Randburg Emergency plumber jobs are not uncommon for us and we are well equipped to handle these emergencies in Randburg. 

Blocked Toilet Randburg Plumbing

A very common call we get from residents in Randburg is relating to blocked toilets or overflowing toilets. Usually these calls come in the middle of the night. We treat these situations as emergency plumbing jobs in Randburg as they can and often do cause damage to your home. Our team of qualified experts will be able to diagnose the problem and provide the optimal solution to put your worries at rest. We also offer complete bathroom renovations in Randburg. This includes replacing old toilets and installing new toilets and other fixtures.

Blocked Drains Randburg Plumbing

Randburg is home to a diverse landscape. Many areas still have very old drainage pipes installed which can and often do create plumbing disasters. Drains can erode over time and need replacing. Drains in Randburg can also become blocked due to large tree roots unsettling the original piping system. In this case the blocked pipes need to be removed and replaced. Another common reason for blocked drains is children throwing their favorite toys into the toilet and watching them spiral out of control as they get sucked up into the neck of the toilet, blocking your pipes and drains. Not to worry, these are usually a quick fix.

Burst Geyser Randburg Plumbing

Burst Geysers are treated as emergency plumbing situations as they can cause a lot of damage to a persons home or business. Especially if the geyser is close to exploding. We are available 24-7 for your plumbing emergencies in Randburg and other areas so please don’t hesitate to call.