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Treat your Home Like Our Own

Best Quality Plumbing Service 

Backed with Years of Experience

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About Northcliff Plumbing

A leafy green suburb take away neatly into the side of the well know Northcliff Hill. Arguably the most beautiful area in the whole of Northcliff and possibly the whole of Johannesburg as stated in The Citizen. At the top of Northcliff Hill is what is being called the Northcliff Eco Park. It has recently undergone some renovations making the area even more spectacular for local residents and visitors. At the top of the park you can find a walking trail which does a short loop around the area. The loop has many seating area’s where groups of friends and family occupy while they watch the magnificent sunset over the Northern Suburbs, or an early sunrise to light up the Johannesburg CBD.

Northcliff Hill is also known as Aasvoëlkop (Vulture Ridge) with it’s named being derived from the early inhabitants of the cliffs. It is said that this Hill has been populated by humans some 250,000. Reaching up to 1807 metres makes this is the second highest point in Johannesburg, only one metre below the Observatory Ridge.

As a plumber in Northcliff it’s interesting to note the incredibly huge water tower that sits at the top of the eco park. The tower provides running water to many homes, taps, showers and baths in Northcliff. The water tower has had it’s problems in the past. In 2016 the Northcliff water outage last for over 4 days. Taps were dry and many experienced blocked drains in Northcliff. In 2018 there was another water crisis in Northcliff and surrounding area’s. Residents complained of block sewerage pipes and burst geysers in Northcliff. The water leak detection in Northcliff is currently undertaken by Johannesburg Water which aims to provide households with clean water, repair blocked drains, fix burst pipes and install new geysers in Northcliff and other areas.

Northcliff is well known as an trendy suburb of Johannesburg. Located on the Northcliff Ridge, offering a business district on the one hand and a leafy green suburban area on the other. Northcliff borders suburbs with Blackheath, Cresta, Berario and Fairlands. Many individuals including Google Maps consider Northcliff to fall under Randburg, which is actually not correct. Northcliff falls under Region B of the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality.

We have been servicing the plumbing needs in Northcliff for many years. As the expert plumber in Northcliff we can safely say we are well equipped to handle any Northcliff plumbing job.

Burst Geyser Northcliff

One of frequent jobs we get as an emergency plumber in Northcliff is burst geysers and geyser repairs. This can happen for many different reasons. Usually the culprit is built up sediment in the geyser tank. This is a common problem that happens over time and a relatively quick plumbing fix. Other potential reasons could be that the water pressure is too high or too low, which again could just be a problem that occurs over time. If you geyser has completely burst give us a call, any time, we would be happy to help with a burst geyser in Northcliff.

24 7 Emergency Plumber Northcliff

Another one of our more frequent call outs are related to emergency plumbing in Northcliff. This includes burst geysers like above, but also things like overflowing toilets or blocked drains. Both of which are common emergencies Northcliff plumbers deal with. We are a 24-7 plumbing team and are ready to deal with any plumbing emergency in Northcliff and other areas.

Blocked Drains Northcliff

If you’re experiencing a blocked drain plumbing issue in Northcliff there are many possible reasons for this. A very common issue is due to the many trees in the area the tree roots can often grow underground and damage the pipes. This is a potential big job as we would need to remove old pipes and tree roots and lay new pipes. There are of course many other reasons for blocked pipe in Northcliff so let us diagnose the real problem before we start any big work,