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Firstly, Yes. We offer all our services throughout the entire area of Edenvale and others! This Includes 24 7 Emergency Plumbing in Edenvale. We pride ourselves on being the number plumber in Edenvale.

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We are your trusted experts in general and specialist plumbing services in Edenvale. We use genuine products, and provide permanent solutions for your home. Our team proudly serves homeowners and businesses all throughout Edenvale and all nearby areas in Johannesburg.

As The Plumbers in Johannesburg, we offer the full range of services in Edenvale. From blocked drains to pipe dreams.

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Treat your Home Like Our Own

Best Quality Plumbing Service 

Backed with Years of Experience

Reliable and Affordable Plumbing

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

About Edenvale Plumbing

Edenvale is a town located on the East Rand in Gauteng Province.   Much like a lot of the towns in Gauteng, Edenvale’s development can be attributed to the gold mining boom in South Africa during the late 1800s and early 1900s.  Edenvale began to establish itself as a town in 1903, after the Anglo Boer War, as a result of its proximity to the Rietfontein Gold Mine and it was inhabited by Cornish mineworkers.  Its original name was Rietfontein. In 1942, it was officially declared an independent municipality.

Edenvale is conveniently located halfway between Johannesburg City Centre and the OR Tambo International Airport.  It is 12km, by car, away from the bustling business center of Sandton and only 9km away from the nearest Gautrain station.  This makes accessing the city and the airport very easy from Edenvale.

Today, Edenvale is an equal mix of residential, business, and industrial areas.  With access to some of the most well-established infrastructure, it is no surprise that the town has grown and is now home to middle-class and upper-class South Africans and foreigners from Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Zambia.

Edenvale enjoys a lot of the positive aspects of expanding and growing in one of the busiest districts in South Africa, however, the community still values its past.  Restoration has been performed on heritage sites such as Horwood’s Farm and its historic homestead.  It was originally built in 1902 and has now become a national monument.

Modderfontein is a suburb of Edenvale.  It is set in a densely wooded area and it was home to German and Dutch immigrants who worked in the dynamite factory in Edenvale.  The suburb expanded when the mining industry in Witwatersrand began to grow and the need for explosives grew with it. Modderfontein is now a housing estate with many of the old buildings restored.  There is a Dynamite Company Museum where tourists can learn more about the dynamite industry of the 1880s and the events which shaped the town.

Other places of interest in Edenvale and the surrounding areas include Gillooly’s Farm, De Molen Dutch bakery and the Ricardo Mulder Library.

Plumbers Edenvale South Africa

Our team of specialized plumbers can be found throughout Johannesburg, South Africa, and we have positioned an excellent local team of plumbers on your doorstep in Edenvale.  Our goal is to spread our company throughout the Gauteng Province in order to bring round-the-clock high-quality service to each and every resident of Gauteng. Contact us if you are living in Edenvale and need your block toilet repaired, solar geysers installed, or repairs and renovations on your kitchen plumbing system.  No job is too big or too small for us. 

Plumbers In Edenvale Area

If you live in the Edenvale area, we need to be on speed-dial.  You never know when a plumbing disaster will strike and the effort to find a decent plumber in your area while trying to deal with the inconvenient event can be frustrating and exhausting.  If you are in the Edenvale area, there is only one plumbing company you need. We will guarantee high-quality and timely service to have your plumbing system up and running in the shortest time possible.

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Our contact lines are open for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We offer emergency plumbing services in Edenvale.  Do not hesitate to phone us morning, noon, or night, if your plumbing system has a leak, your bathroom system is faulty, you have a burst geyser or any other issue which needs to be resolved immediately.  We pride ourselves on bringing a unique service to your doorstep which will ensure that you never have to be stranded without water while you wait for your local plumbers to open their doors in the morning. 

Edenvale Plumbers Contact

Our team of plumbers in Edenvale has been tackling plumbing emergencies for years and strive to bring you high-quality service with no cut corners, no exceptions.  We will diagnose your plumbing issues and we will help you find the most ideal solution that suits both you and your home or office. We offer commercial plumbing services too.