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Firstly, Yes. We offer all our services throughout the entire area of Bedfordview and others! This Includes 24 7 Emergency Plumbing in Bedfordview

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We are your trusted experts in general and specialist plumbing services in Bedfordview. We use genuine products, and provide permanent solutions for your home. Our team proudly serves homeowners and businesses all throughout Bedfordview and all nearby areas.

As The Plumbers in Johannesburg, we offer the full range of services in Bedfordview. From blocked drains to pipe dreams.

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Best Quality Plumbing Service 

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Treat your Home Like Our Own

Best Quality Plumbing Service 

Backed with Years of Experience

Reliable and Affordable Plumbing

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Bedfordview Plumber

Bedfordview is a popular area of service for us. We are delighted to provide you with our full range of plumbing services in Bedfordview.

24 Hour Plumber Bedfordview

Emergency plumbing in Bedfordview is a very common call that we attend to it. We are highly regarding as local experts when it comes to being a a 24 hour Plumber in Bedfordview

Blocked Drain Plumber Bedfordview

Block drains are usually a quick fix. However if you don’t have the right tools and expertise to unclog the drain yourself, it’s best left up to the blocked drain plumbing professionals in Bedfordview.

Blocked Toilet Plumber Bedfordview

Block toilets are also usually a quick fix. The same goes for drains above – if you lack the know how and the tools this can turn into a messy job. A simple plunger should do the trick most times, but for stubborn toilet blockages an auger would be needed. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, let a plumber in Bedfordview fix your toilet.

About Bedfordview Plumbing

Apart from suburbs like Edenvale, Bedfordview is one of the suburbs nearest to the main OR Tambo International Airport. This makes Bedfordview an ideal location for busy travelers or business people visiting Johannesburg on a short term basis. Bedfordview is a great and convenient location.

Bedfordview is tucked away to the calm green leafy east side of Johannesburg which makes it a tranquil place for anyone to stay in. The neighbourhood is relatively upmarket and has a very natural and calming feel to it being surrounded by nature and covered in foliage with its streets being densely populated with shrubs and trees which is home to a large variety of bird life. The area is also conveniently located just a short drive away from the JHB City Centre.


Bedfordview inner city comes complete as a historical site that is leading the way for growth and rebirth as construction and development take place to re-integrate Bedfordview to it’s previous days of cultural and economic greatness. With the town hall recently going under reconstruction in April 2018 the city center is bound to take off and follow in it’s path. The close knit community offered their free time and services to provide excellent refurbishment of the Bedfordview Town Hall seen in the image below.

Bedfordview is home to a number of large shopping malls like Eastgate and a large collection of restaurants and trendy bars. Weekends are often spent at Bruma Lake which is also set to undergo renovation.

Bruma Lake plays an interesting role in the plumbing of Bedfordview as it was converted from a sewerage catchment area into a a trendy market along the shores of the lake. The large plumbing job was carried out for many years across the Diepsloot area which would accept sewerage from the other regions. The plumbing in Bedfordview and other areas had to be continuously upgrade until eventually in 1959 the Northern Disposal Works was finally ready to accept sewerage from the other areas. Since then, Bedforview has been upgrading and renovating, turning the once sewerage dam into a hip weekend hangout.

Bedfordview was originally part of a farm called Elandsfontein which was governed as part of the District of Potchefstroom. This is why the coat of arms of Bedfordview resembles an Eland grasping a fountain – which pays tribute to the early history of the town.

The onset of the Gold Reef era had a massive impact on the Bedfordview area as the Elandsfontein farm was purchased for it’s rich mineral deposits and then divided into many smaller farms. In today’s time, Bedfordview fall under the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality 

Many plumbing jobs done in Bedfordview are upgrades and renovations to top class homes breathing life into each new home as property owners seek to increase the value of their real estate through 
bathroom renovations and kitchen upgrades.