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General & Emergency Plumbing

The Plumbers in Johannesburg have the right general and/or emergency plumbing services for you. You can count on us to complete quality installation, repair and maintenance in a timely and affordable manner.​

Geyser Repairs & Installations

When it comes to your waterline, even a small water leak can turn into a much bigger problem. The Plumbers in Johannesburg handle all issues, large and small to ensure your worries are put to rest.​

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchens and bathrooms are home to some of the most used fixtures, such as drains, pipes and toilets. Keep these necessary staples in perfection condition by calling us today for an inspection or touch up.

24 7 Emergency Plumbing

Ever wondered what is the number one cause for plumbing emergencies in Johannesburg?

Neglecting Maintenance

Things like clogged drains, damage pipes and gas leaks are the usual residential plumbing emergencies. This is ironic because each of these situations can be easily prevented right from the beginning by scheduling plumbing maintenance checks. For this reason, majority of plumbers in JHB report that plumbing negligence is the number one reason for blocked drains and burst pipes.

Main Reasons For Calling Emergency Plumbers In Johannesburg

Overflowing Toilet

This could be due to either a clogged toilet or a damaged float. First things first, shut off the water flow. Usually you will find the water valve on the side of the toilet at the bottom of the water line. Tighten the valve completely in a counter-clockwise direction. After we have the flow of water stopped we can fix the problem.

Most of the time a clog can be removed with a simple plunger. For a more severe clog we will use an auger. Once the blockage has been dealt with we can reset the float and turn on the water flow at the water valve.
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Clogged Sink

This is the type of emergency you want to avoid by preventing the cause in the first place. It’s quite simple to prevent. Avoid throwing any grease or dense material like coffee beans down the drain. Although preventing the problem is the first step, even careful homeowner’s can run into this issue. A plunger or auger is your best friend.
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Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are easily the most damage causing emergency plumbing call that we get in Johannesburg. These are usually caused by corrosion over many years of use but there are other reasons. The best thing to do in this situation is shut off the water supply immediately and give us a call. To prevent further damage, remove any damaged furniture while you wait for us.
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Leaking Pipes

The way you go about fixing a leaking pipe depends on where the water is leaking from. If water is spraying from the joint, try tightening the joint. If this doesn’t work and ends up loosening a different joint – proceed with caution. A rubber patch could be the answer to fix a water leak directly from the pipe or you could try using waterproof tape to cover the leak.
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Sump Pumps

If you are experiencing sump pump failure, check the screen to make sure there is no debris preventing proper movement of the impeller. If it is clear, there may not be enough electricity running to your pump or there might be a defective float switch. Your pump could also be shutting down if it has been running for an extended period of time and is experiencing thermal overload.

Geyser Repairs

Usually the common causes of a malfunctioning geyser include a leaking tank, water may be too hot or cold or may have a strange color or odor. If the tank is leaking – call us. If there is no leak, try flushing the water tank which could fix the color or odor problems.
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Geyser Repairs & Maintenance

Geyser Repairs & Maintenance in Johannesburg​

Water heating systems like geysers need to be maintained to avoid costly repairs, just like any other system or appliance in a Johannesburg home. Without regular geyser maintenance, the integrity of the entire system may become jeopardized and you’ll likely require expensive repairs down the line. We generally suggest a geyser check up every 4 to 5 years to make sure the more intricate parts are still functioning and not costing you money.

Why you might need to repair your geyser?

While replacing fixtures like taps and shower heads can often help to reduce household costs, sometimes you might need to replace the entire hot water system also known as your geyser. Some reasons why you may need to call for a geyser repair or geyser replacement is because your current system is outdated or the anodes have become obsolete

Geyser Maintenance

Geyser Problems

Before any work takes place we will offer our expert opinions, based on our evaluation we can offer the best plumbing advice for your geyser.

Solar Geyser Repairs & Installation Johannesburg

As homeowners become more conscience of rising costs on their electric bill as well as the environmental impact of excessive electricity usage many decisions come to mind.  One such decision property owners are faced with is whether or not to use a solar geyser as your water heating system for you home

Should you install a solar geyser in JHB

If you’re not sure if a solar geyser is the right option for you Johannesburg property, first consider the amount of water that your heating system will need to provide. How much space do you have? Do you have the budget to install a solar geyser? Does your property have the correct architectural guidelines?
Given that South Africa and Johannesburg has an amazing sunny climate pretty much all year round, the option to go green with a solar geyser can provide enough hot water, regardless of weather conditions and the quality of water.

Advantages of using a solar Geyser

Disadvantages of using a solar Geyser